Site Rules

Site Rules

John and Sylvia Welbank warmly welcome you to Ireby Green Farm caravan site.

Our clients are mainly couples, families and walkers who enjoy the natural unspoilt beauty of the area. We seek your co-operation with the following policies to ensure your stay, and the stay of other guests is a pleasant one and the site remains a peaceful and pleasant place in which to spend your holiday. 


Our site policies:

Check in time:      12 noon – 8pm 
Check out time:    12 noon (an extended stay can often be arranged, please check)

Accounts: Full payment for the time booked is payable upon your arrival. Please note we do not have the facility to accept credit cards.

Cancellation policy: Deposits for bookings cancelled prior to arrival will not be refunded.

Refunds: No refunds for early departures.

Car speed: Please drive at walking pace (5km). Please be careful of children at play.

Working Farm: We are a working farm and although we are more than happy for you to explore the paths around us the farm buildings and equipment are strictly off limits. Please do not enter them or go near machinery. Please also remember that farm animals are not pets, and can be dangerous. Children are not allowed to walk through the farm unsupervised at any time.

Children: Parents have the responsibility of supervising their children at all times to ensure their safety whilst on site. Please ensure that they do not play around or behind other pitches and that noise is kept to a reasonable level. Under no circumstances are children allowed to play in the farm yard.

Dogs: Owners have the responsibility of supervising their dogs at all times to ensure the safety of others whilst on site. Accidents do happen but please ensure that all fouling, anywhere on site, is cleared away. If you leave the site dogs must not be left alone in cars or caravans. Please ensure that your dog lead is not long enough for them to reach your neighbours pitch.

Noise: No noise after 10.30pm or before 7.30am. As a courtesy to those around you music or televisions should not be audible outside of your caravan.

Conduct:  To ensure all our guests have a great holiday we expect common sense and consideration to be shown at all times to other guests. A reasonable standard of dress and behaviour is expected at all times and other site guests must not be disturbed in any way.

Visitors:   To ensure that we know who is on site please notify us if someone other than yourselves will be using your pitch, prior to their arrival.

Visitors are at the discretion of the management, however, they are your responsibility please ensure they depart quietly so as not to disturb other guests.

Visitor parking is only allowed by the shower block and not on site or in the café car park.

On bank holidays visitor’s cars cannot be accommodated and alternative arrangements must be found off site. 

Rubbish: PLEASE RECYCLE - Recycle Bins near archway to house, all clearly marked – Please SORT your own rubbish into the appropriate bins.              

Smoking: Is to be conducted on your site only. No smoking in communal areas or in farm areas.

Barbeques: Barbeques are allowed but should be on bricks off the ground. Open fires are strictly forbidden.

Electric Hook ups: Electric heaters and domestic Fridge Freezers are not to be used in awnings and tents. They may trip circuit breakers and a charge may be made for resetting. If you have any problems with the electricity supply, it is important that you report the fault immediately to either John or Sylvia.


Extinguishers are located by the shower block and underneath the bridge     

Every caravan is situated within 90 metres of a fire point. (It is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the position of the nearest fire point). If a fire occurs, move everyone outside immediately and warn the occupants of the nearby caravans. Go to the MAIN HOUSE to call for the fire brigade, or use a mobile phone to call 999 or 112

To stop the potential spread of fire the local council guidelines state that at least 3 metres must be kept between your caravan/awning and that of the next caravan/awning. This rule will be strictly adhered to, and you will be asked to remove any object breaking this rule.

We want to try to keep our rules to a minimum but expect our guests to follow those that we do have to hopefully make every ones stay a pleasant one, thank you.